About Us



We aspire to be a global research hub for empowering and transforming learners in higher education and lifelong learning.
CRADLE serves as an activity and technology incubator for researching and transforming learning in higher education. We aim to enhance learning by developing effective technologies, mindful learning environments, and motivating activity designs that are supported by empirical research. To achieve these ends, CRADLE engages with learners, professionals, and the teaching community to identify research needs, support development opportunities, and diffuse research outcomes. 
Leading innovative interdisciplinary research founded on the Science of Learning
CRADLE’s multi-disciplinary approach fosters interdisciplinary research and seeks to develop a transdisciplinary outcome for the Science of Learning. The Centre embraces interdisciplinary research and leverages knowledge and methods from Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Technology to foster theories that explain learning in all of its forms. We believe that transformative innovation can happen at the nexus of these different fields. Our research strands provide synergies between these disciplines in the hopes such collaborative efforts may give way to a New Science of Learning.
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