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Biographical Profile

Dr Rajan obtained his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal (India). He completed his Masters in Electronics Engineering from Politecnico Di Torino, Italy under the fellowship scheme ‘Invest your Talent in Italy, 2009-11’. He pursued his PhD in Physics (Computational Neuroscience) from Hong Kong Baptist University after being selected under ‘Hong Kong PhD Fellowship, 2012-15’. He is also a ‘DAAD research fellow, 2013’ for his collaborative research with Humboldt University, Germany. Prior to joining CRADLE, he pursued his post-doctoral training under Dr. Thomas Yeo at National University of Singapore. He also have substantial professional experience of working in software companies like ORACLE and Polaris.

Research Interests and Expertise

During his PhD, Rajan worked on the computational aspects of ERP signal processing. The computational models designed were used to decipher brain behavior relationship. In particular, he tried to identify the neural basis of underlying network that enables quicker identification of famous faces. During the postdoctoral training, Rajan worked on big resting state fMRI data. He developed machine learning approaches that could improve the prediction accuracy of the behavioral measures from the rs-fMRI. Rajan is interested in developing computational ways to understand the Brain-Behavior relationships. He is inclined to understand the neural basis of the abnormalities of the brain and the causal basis for the intervention approaches like tDCS and TMS utilized in those research.