Our People


HAH Sixian

Biographical Profile
Having recently completed my PhD in Applied Linguistics at Warwick University (UK), I have joined CRADLE to work on a project about adult literacies. I have a background in teaching and applied linguistics. I obtained my BA in Education from National Institute of Education (NIE) and MA in English Language Teaching from Warwick University. My PhD thesis was about the perspectives and struggles of academic researchers in the UK higher education system. It was a discursive exploration of how they positioned themselves as researchers in a qualitative interview and at the same time, the various ways in which they responded to being positioned by others.
Research interests
Social interactions, discourse analysis, higher education studies, positioning and identity construction of learners and teachers.
Research expertise
Qualitative analysis of spoken data, qualitative interviews, coding and discourse analysis.
On-going research projects in CRADLE@NTU
Investigating Pedagogical Approaches in the Acquisition of Language for Adult Learners of English