​Gianluca ESPOSITO

Gianluca ESPOSITO  
Nanyang Assistant Professor
Division of Psychology,
School of Social Sciences,
College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
Biographical Profile
Nanyang Assistant Professor Esposito Gianluca holds a PhD from the University of Trento (Italy).  He is the director of the Social and Affiliative Neuroscience Lab at HSS. The research of his lab has been featured on many international high impact scientific journals.
Research Interests
He has worked in the last years applying physiological (EEG), genetic, neuroimaging (fMRI) and behavioral protocols in the context of infant socio-cognitive development, always comparing typical and atypical development. At the same time, he has gained proficient clinical skills in the early assessment, detection and treatment of infants with special needs. He has worked both at a clinical and research level on recognizing early indicators of autism specifically where concerning social development and expressions of distress evidenced in infants and children afflicted with Autistic Spectrum Disorder  (ASD). Since 2010, he is working on comparative neuro-behavioral analysis of mother-infant interaction across mammalian species in mice and humans, and its implication to psychopathology.
Research Interest in the Neuroscience of Learning and Education
- Family influences on cognitive development and learning
- Technological framework to explore the physiological mechanisms behind learning
- Computational tools for synthesising behavioural and brain data Partners