Our People


WONG Wai Hoe


Biographical Profile
Wai Hoe’s five-year research experience spans across multiple industries. His insatiable curiosity in human behaviour led him to study topical interests as far ranging as correctional settings, computer-mediated communications, consumer market research and now, learning. He spent three years as a research officer in Singapore Prison Service, conducting both qualitative and quantitative studies.
He finished his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology (with Honours) from Bath Spa University, England, and is currently employed as a Research Assistant to help in CRADLE@NTU’s research efforts in understanding the impact of technology on learning. His research involvement allows him to learn about pedagogical techniques, education technologies and the psychology of learning.
Research interests in Science of Learning and Education
Cognition (memory, decision-making and problem solving, critical thinking, information processing, sense making), technology in learning (serious games, instructional design, technological interventions that affects executive function and reasoning), Information in social networks and interdisciplinary collaboration.
Research expertise
Cognitive psychology, computer-mediated communication, survey development, data collection techniques, psychological assessment and interventions.
On-going research projects in CRADLE@NTU
  1. Technology Enabled Learning