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LOW Yi Hua





Research Assistant


Biographical Profile
Yi Hua obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Honours degree) in Psychology from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2015. She is presently a Research Assistant in CRADLE@NTU and the Clinical Brain Lab (CBL), where she assists in various cognition-based studies. She is involved in a brain literacy project, and has experience working with both young children and the elderly.
With keen interest in research, she volunteered in various undergraduate research labs in NTU prior to joining CRADLE@NTU. She is particularly interested in the neurological underpinnings of memory, education, motivation, and mental disorders. She is also an active volunteer in the Singapore Institute of Mental Health.
Research interests in Science of Learning and Education
Cognitive neuroscience, motivation, memory, aging
Research experience
CBM testing, EEG data recording and preprocessing, motivation, memory, neuropsychological testing
On-going research projects in CRADLE@NTU
  1. Translating Educational Neuroscience in the Schools: A Multi-Tier Service Delivery Model That Meets All Children's Needs
  2. Metabolomics platform development for biomarker detection in mindset learning