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Dini Dzulaikha Binte DZULKIFLI


Biographical Profile
Dini is presently on-board CRADLE@NTU as a Research Assistant, and is primarily tasked to engage students in online and in-class activities through creating discussion modules, pitching proposals, and evaluating their responses to research instruments.
Prior to graduation, she underwent a three-month research assistantship for the Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project (SKIP) – a longitudinal research endeavour at the National Institute of Education that focuses on assessing the impact of Singapore’s pre-school education on the children’s literacy and numeracy skills, self-regulation, and emotional skills. She did data entry, scoring, and processing for the same.
Besides experience in educational psychology research, she had her internship at the University of New South Wales, Australia, where she did studies on Microbiology.
Research Interests in Science of Learning and Education
Effectiveness in E-learning in schools and learning and development in children.
On-Going Research Projects in CRADLE@NTU
  1. Using automated essay scoring and feedback systems for the development of ethical reasoning
  2. Enhancing character and civic-mindedness opportunities for student growth (ECCO-SG)
  3. Complexity as an anchor for the development of interdisciplinary reasoning in the sciences