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​Dr. Kumaran RAJARAM

Senior Lecturer in Management
Course Leader, BE2601 & BU8601
Office: 6790 5649
E-mail: RKumaran[at]ntu[dot]edu[dot]sg
Biographical Profile
Dr. Kumaran Rajaram is a Senior Lecturer in Management and Course Leader for BE2601 and BU8601 Management modules in the Strategy, Management and Organization Division at the Nanyang Business School. He earned his PhD with Distinction from University of South Australia in Business and Management (minoring in Business Education). He is a practitioner in Business Management and Organizational Science and a research scholar who specializes in Learning Analytics, Neuroscience of Learning and Education, Learning Culture, Culture of Learning and Internationalization of Higher Education.
Research Interests
• Organizational Science and Behaviour
• Institutional and Organizational Culture
• Learning Culture and Culture of Learning in Higher Education Institutions and Organizations
• Cognitive and Educational Neuroscience
• Character Education and Leadership Development in Business Education
• Internationalization of Higher Education
Research Interest in the Neuroscience of Learning and Education
• Social-Psychological interventions in Business Education
• Applying Neuroscience to comprehend:
- Empathy, Compassion, Character Education and Leadership traits
- Engagement and Learning Effectiveness amongst learners
- Students’ Performance and Outcomes