Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

DSC_0046-slider.jpgThe scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) is about harnessing an expert's research prowess in a chosen field to inform one's teaching practices. When teachers take a step back and reflect on their practices to the extent where they are consulting resources, testing hypotheses, collecting data, and analysing the results to inform how they go about designing their activities, assessments, and curricula, then they are said to be engaging in SOTL research. In a university setting, SOTL leads professors and instructors, who are well-versed in their areas of expertise, to transfer those skills so they can look at how they are providing learning opportunities to their students and the outcomes of those activities. In school settings, SOTL leads teachers to develop research skills to answer the questions they have about their students, classrooms, and activities. 

CRADLE's role in SOTL research is to provide instructors with resources that can help funnel their research questions down to goals that are actionable, obtainable, and valuable. In simple cases, pointing instructors to the right body of research may be enough. In other cases, CRADLE can assist instructors with developing a research plan with compatable methods and appropriate measures.