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Tributes in Memory of Professor Lee Sing Kong​

Published on: 23-May-2017


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Professor Lee Sing Kong played a key role in establishing the Centre for Research and Development in Learning (CRADLE) in NTU. Passionate towards education in Singapore, he helmed CRADLE in his strategic endeavors to drive innovative and interdisciplinary research in the fields of higher education and the Science of Learning. Prof Lee was a warm and generous leader who never failed to inspire and motivate others through his dedication, creativity and foresight. He will always be remembered and greatly missed.


Tributes in Memory of Professor Lee Sing Kong


“I have worked with and under Prof Lee for more than 15 years in NIE and in NTU. He was a visionary and inspiring leader who was full of innovative ideas. It was as if there was no problem that he couldn't solve. He was well known for his “thunderous” voice, the signature of a man who is truthful and enthusiastic. Yet, he was always gentle, caring, nurturing and protective, especially to his junior colleagues. He’s home with the God but he had left a legacy of a great educator and inspiring leader.”

- Associate Professor Tan Seng Chee, Deputy Director, CRADLE@NTU


“Professor Lee Sing Kong has been instrumental in inspiring me to embark on a journey to explore neuroscience and education. I had the great honor and privilege to have worked together with him in building CRADLE, and before that as a member of the NTU Institutional Review Board that he chaired when it first started.  I have learnt so much from him, especially on leadership and character, and treasured the meetings he oversaw that were often filled with laughter. He has been a great mentor to me, always encouraging and optimistic, and I am ever so grateful. Though we mourn the lost of a great visionary, friend and colleague, we celebrate his legacy and will remember him fondly.”

- Associate Professor Annabel Chen Shen-Hsing, Deputy Director, CRADLE@NTU


"I’m so deeply saddened by this news.  It was an honor for me to know Sing Kong, whose tireless pursuit of innovation in education was truly an inspiration.  It’s hard to imagine the world without him.  I will truly miss him.

When a close friend passes away, I always take time to garden and think about the person.  This morning I gardened, and thought about Sing Kong— remembering his great contributions to the beautiful greening of Singapore.  What a remarkable man."

- Professor Barbara Landau, Director, Science of Learning Institute, Johns Hopkins University


"I had only a small amount contact with Sing Kong, but it made a very large impression. He was so dynamic, so passionate and had far-reaching vision. I immediately knew that I was in the presence of  “true leadership” - someone who inspires others to be even more commited and motivated about their work.”

- Professor Brenda Rapp, Chair, Department of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University


"A great loss for people in Singapore and for the CRADLE-JHU. I was honored to have known Dr. Lee Sing Kong and to have opportunity to sit side-by-side to hear his vision about the future of Singapore and education, along with his personal history. May he rest in peace.”

- Associate Professor Kenichi Oishi, Department of Radiology and Radiological Science, Johns Hopkins Medicine


“We were shocked and saddened to hear the very sad news about Prof Sing Kong’s sudden passing. He was so full of energy and enthusiasm, it is very hard to believe he has passed away.

I feel honoured to have met him and grateful to have experienced his genuine passion for science, his vision, enthusiasm and generous hospitality.”

- Professor Zoe Kourtzi, Department of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge University


“The CRADLE Retreat day – 26th January 2017 just started like every other day. However, it turned out to be an exceptional one! It was near the elevator in North spine, where I was waiting to go to the 5th level to attend the event. There was a respectable elderly person next to me looking very enthusiastic as if he was looking forward to meet his friends after a long time. We happened to take the same lift and eventually I got to know he also is heading to the same level. I casually struck a conversation with him asking if he was also going to attend the retreat. He said nothing but just smiled at me, asked whether I work in NTU. I was proud to introduce myself as a ‘researcher’ from CRADLE for which again his answer was a smile. He wished me luck while we walked a couple of minutes to the event venue. However, to my surprise, I got to know that the enthusiastic old kid whom I met in the lift was the special person of CRADLE. I was truly amazed to see the modesty and humbleness of Prof. Lee Sing Kong, our proud Director of CRADLE. Later I wrote to Prof. Lee apologizing for what had happened in the lift and thanking him for his encouraging words for which he replied, “We only get to know each other when we have the opportunity to meet.” By the way he spoke to a fresher with so much love and respect, I always will have high regards for him. It is no doubtful we are going to miss him at CRADLE forever!”

- Ms Ilang Kumaran Yuvadarshini, Research Associate, CRADLE@NTU


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