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​CRADLE Connects: From Educational Data to Insights

Published on: 24-Sep-2018


The CRADLE Connects event titles From Educational Data to Insights was held at Lecture Theatre 5 in NTU on 24 September 2018 and drew around 100 academics, researchers, professionals, and interested students from NTU and public. CRADLE Connects is a series of networking sessions designed to facilitate dialogue among academics and professionals across NTU.

Professor Looi Chee Kit (NIE), Associate Professor Justin Dauwels (EEE), Assistant Professor Jerome Rotgans (LKC Medicine) and Dr Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan (NIE) were the guest speakers for CRADLE Connects in September 2018. The topics were on Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the context of education.

In Prof Looi talk titled, "Can AI + Data Science enhance the effectiveness of learning technologies?", he presented a macro-level view of the opportunities and challenges of applying AI in education. On the other hand, Assoc Prof Justin in his talk titled "Inferring the climate in classrooms from audio and video recordings: a machine learning approach" elaborates on the design and validation of an audio-video analytics platform for predicting classroom climate.

An overview of Team-based learning (TBL) and an example case of how the educational data being analysed were presented by Assist Prof Jerome in his talk titled "Using Educational Data to Make Informed Decisions in Team-Based Learning". Dr Jennifer in her talk titled "Fostering 21st Century literacies through CSCL and formative LA environments: Pedagogical promises and dilemmas" showcased techno-pedagogical innovation that exemplifies how the purposeful coupling of CSCL and formative LA affordances can serve to enhance collective creativity and critical literacies in secondary students.

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