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​CRADLE Connects: Education and Cognitive Neuroscience: Limitations, Challenges and Opportunities

Published on: 09-Oct-2017

Dr Daniel Ansari, a visiting professor from National Institute of Education (NIE), was the speaker for the sixth instalment of CRADLE Connects. In his talk titled, 'Education and Cognitive Neuroscience: Limitations, Challenges and Opportunities', Dr Ansari introduced audience members to the field and detailed how research interest has increased and expanded in recent years. The event was held at the Hive, NTU on 3 August 2017 and drew around 30 academics, researchers and professionals from NTU, NIE and the Ministry of Education (MOE).

DSCN0562ps.jpg                    DSCN0549ps.jpg
Dr Ansari’s talk focused on how he uses Pasteur’s Quadrant to categorize the different areas of cognitive neuroscience.

donald-stokes-pasteurs-quadrant-diagram.png           350px-ThreeLearningNetworks.png
Figure 1. Pasteur’s Quadrant                                Figure 2. Brain Image


 dan.png             dan1.png

Figure 3: Dr Ansari’s Slide                                                     Figure 4. Dr Ansari’s Slide

Dr Ansari concluded his talk by emphasizing how educators and cognitive neuroscientists needed to collaborate and ask use-inspired questions that can advance knowledge. He also suggested ways that educators and cognitive neuroscientists could collaborate to design effective research studies.

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